Wonderlust Apparel Co.

Wonderlust Apparel Co. is an apparel company focused on creating ethically sourced, fine-quality fashion that celebrates adventurous, perpetual wonder.

Big /

A new apparel company and clothier joins the established, buttoned-down world of fashion with a whimsical brand promise.

Brave //

Rolling up their sleeves to find their place within the realm of fashion, somewhere between rugged and refined, the apparel company required a design solution that captured the quality of the goods they offered with an established aesthetic while delivering their wide-eyed, inspired approach to their consumer.

Bold ///

Establish a sense of refinement for the brand through a strikingly simple brand aesthetic, centered upon a strong logo mark, a glamorous sans-serif, soft textures, and a dynamic color palette. Invite fun and whimsy through photography to convey the brand promise and underlying core tenants of Wonderlust.



Wonderlust Apparel Co.


Identity, Print, & Lettering


Brand Strategy, Marketing Collateral

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