Marrying medicine
& magic

Atlas & Ophelia

Logo, product line, collateral, & Signage

Atlas & Ophelia is a modern online apothecary with dreams to build out into one of Denver’s historic brick and mortar spaces. The company desires to bring the ancient healing traditions of herbalism and plant medicine to a modern audience by making its products readily accessible through its online store. The core product line features high quality essential oils and signature medicine blends that are available as oils, bath salts, smudge kits, and candles. Brave Brynn Studio collaborated with the Altas & Ophelia team to create its branding, product line packaging, and help them dream up possibilities for their prospective brick and mortar space.

a&o logo artwork.jpg

Logo & Visual Identity

The logomark features a stylized serif typeface and a spirited ampersand to hold the two names together, while a fine texture overlay offers a rustic quality to the mark. It was important that the mark felt established, but also had a rough and tumbled appearance, paying homage to the ancient traditions behind the apothecary’s products. The logomark’s serif shown on its packaging and collateral were custom designed.

Product Line 01.jpg
ao logo.jpg