Photograph by   Kari Geha Photography

Photograph by Kari Geha Photography


The Details.

I’m a designer living in the heart of Denver, Colorado specializing in branding, lettering, and illustration. The old ways of pencil to paper, ink, and dirty hands are still my favorite and I whole heartedly believe are where the best designs begin. A writer as much as I am a designer, I am captivated by the craft of story and the magic that occurs when the perfect image meets the right words. Known for my heart felt, witty copy and story-led designs, I have been fortunate enough to work with Richmond American Homes, Shea Homes, Sterling Ranch, and Toll Brothers. Additionally, I was awarded Portfolio Par Excellence, by The Art Institute of Colorado upon my graduation.

When not creating you can usually find me taking pictures of my food, curing my insatiable curiosity with a book or a podcast, downing an americano, running on a trail, or in a yoga studio.

Why brave Brynn?

Be brave is my personal mantra. Brave Brynn is about owning my story. Beyond that, I also want to always strive to be better, both personally and professionally. To learn. To show up fully, authentic and with integrity. To take risks. Be brave. It’s my daily call to action— stepping into the person I want to be.